Birth Preparation Classes Starting Soon

by  -  June 14th, 2014


We all come to the birth of our children carrying a lifetime of knowledge about birth. We’ve heard our mothers talk about our own births. Our friends who have already had children have shared with us about their births. We’ve read books and watched videos. Television shows and documentaries have warned, informed, and maybe even scared us a little. We are full of information about birth. But what do you need to know to give birth? What is the key piece of information that you may or may not yet have in your ken that will help you through that critical moment of your labor? In my childbirth classes we explore not only the physiology of labor, but also the journey through the landscape of your birth and what you, personally, will need to make that journey. Later this summer, Mothers Guild will begin a six week series on birth preparation for expecting parents. Please contact us for more information and dates.